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since 1987

The Aerican Empire (also known as Aerica) is a micronation. The word micronation has as many definitions as there are micronations, but for our purposes, a micronation is a state or nation which claims citizens and a distinct culture but which has not been recognized as legitimate by the established states of the world. This is not a game, a simulation, or an exercise in political science. The Empire is both a real nation and a real state, and one which is actively growing each day.

This page contains a great deal of content. While this makes it a rich and exciting nation, this also makes this page painfully difficult for new visitors to navigate. Use the handy menu on the left side of your screen to help yourself find what you're looking for. You can look up information in different sections, you can use the search bar, or you can click on our site map (a List of Useful Keywords). This menu will allow you to explore the Empire in all of its verbose glory. If you're just browsing and not looking for specific information, keep reading!

About the Empire
Visit our About the Empire Index for an introduction to the Aerican Empire: its people, its history, and its mission, in addition to a wealth of other information.

Visit our news archive to see new citizens, new events, and new diplomatic contacts down through of the Imperial history, in addition to a wealth of other information.

Government and Law
Visit our Government and Law Index for information about the Imperial Senate, the Empire's land claims, and details regarding foreign affairs and diplomacy, in addition to a wealth of other information.

Government Agencies
Visit our Government Agencies Index for information about major government agencies and ministries, in addition to a wealth of other information.

Visit our Culture Index for information about news, holidays, and our Museum, in addition to a wealth of other information.

Fun Stuff
Visit our Fun Stuff Index for contests, novelty passports and ID cards, and our souvenir shop as well as many other fun and interesting tidbits from throughout the Empire.

If the Empire's purpose and projects appeal to you, we invite you to consider citizenship. Citizenship is free, confers no demands upon you, and will have no legal impact on any "real" state citizenships you may hold.

Imperial citizens come from all over the world, and each brings something unique and special to the Empire