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The 2019 International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest has begun.

All citizens, and even non-citizens, are invited to write a short story of between about 7,000 to 10,000 words (shorter and longer stories will probably be accepted anyway, but that's the range we're looking for). There are no restrictions to topic or genre, but most of the people on this list are into science fiction or fantasy, and the judges encourage you to produce something relatively family-friendly. A team of judges including the Emperor, Duke CosmoSlav the 3rd, and some others yet to be picked will review the stories, and the best 3 will be published on Amazon as both a paperback and e-book. Judges are allowed to submit stories but, of course, can't win prizes.

The writer of the best story will receive a free hard copy, signed by the Emperor. Second prize is a free hard copy, unsigned, and third prize is a free ebook.

Submissions should be sent to the Emperor and will be accepted as of February 1. The submissions window closes March 1 April 1 and winners will be announced a few weeks later.

This contest gives the Empire one-time rights to publish any submitted works. Writers otherwise retain all rights to their own work and all rights to reproduce or re-publish elsewhere.

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