This treaty came into effect on August 18, 2002.

Treaty of Dual Citizenship
The Republic of Eslo
The Aerican Empire

Recognizing, that persons involved in micronationalism often have various ideologies and seek to expand their activities to an international level;

Taking into account, that Eslo and Aerica have sustained cordial relations, distinguished by a sense of cooperation and mutual understanding;

Noting, that Eslonian and Aerican legislation allows for this treaty under the Eslonian Dual Citizenship Act and acticle III, section 2 of the Aerican Constitution;

Understanding, that the infiltration of paple figures is undesired by both nations;

The Republic of Eslo and The Aerican Empire sign the present treaty agreeing to the following terms:

Citizens of Eslo or of Aerica may apply for citizenship in the other state so long as they:

Are not officers or employees of the federal government of either state

Have no legal charges pending in the original state of citizenship

Do not have a criminal record or a history of espionage, terrorism, or other such activities which Eslo and Aerica may consider to be of concern to national security and/or integrity

Are not citizens of a third state unless under the terms specified in article 6, sections a and b

Each state reserves to right to deny citizenship to any person who requests it without owing any explanation to the original state of citizenship

A dual citizen may not become a member of the federal government of either Eslo or Aerica at any time unless:Citizenship is renounced from one of the micronationsThe heads of government of Eslo and Aerica come to an agreement as per article 9, section a

A dual citizen shall retain all of his rights and privileges in Eslo as well as Aerica and cannot be discriminated against in any way unless they are found to be in breach of article 1 of this treaty

A member of the immediate family of a citizen of Eslo or Aerica wishing to have citizenship in the other micronation will not be subject to the citizenship status of the member of his family who hold citizenship in only one of the signatory nations of this treaty

Dual citizens of Eslo and Aerica may not hold citizenship in any third micronation unless:

The third micronation has established formal dual citizenship treaties with both Eslo and AericaThe corresponding authorities of all three nations are consulted and agree to give three citizenships to the citizen

Under no circumstances may a dual citizen hold office in any governmental institution of a third micronation

Dual citizens may take office in intermicronational organizations as international civil servants, so long as it is understood by both nations that the citizen functions as an independent civilian.

Dual citizens may also take office in intermicronational organizations to which Eslo and/or Aerica are not members of, unless prohibited by the national legislation of either state

In the event that a dual citizen wishes to become a member or employee of the federal government of either state:

The head of government that wishes to hire the citizen must write to the head of government of the other micronation a letter in which:

The prospective employing government specifies the duties of the potential employee

The prospective employing government ensures that it will not interfere in the internal affairs of the other micronation through the citizen

b) A consent must be established between the heads of government to allow the citizen to take part in such activity

A citizen who is granted the rights stated under article 9 of this treaty cannot claim any diplomatic or consular privilege or immunity while in the other, non-employing state

Each state reserves the right to remove citizenship to a dual citizen at any time, provided it does not conflict with existing legislation

In the event that one state does remove citizenship from a dual citizen, the other state may not be pressured in any way to follow similar actions unless the grounds for removal of citizenship are considered by either party to be of mutual security concern

The Republic of Eslo and The Aerican Empire agree to establish lines of communication between proper citizenship authorities that will work closely in the application of this treaty

Each state must notify the other when a citizen of Eslo or Aerica requests citizenship in that micronation.

The Republic of Eslo and The Aerican Empire agree to remain actively seized in the matter.


Signed on the eighteenth day of August of 2002.


For the Republic of Eslo,
H.P.E. Amb. Bernard Selfin
Secretary of Foreign Affairs

For the Aerican Empire
H.E. Tristan Glark
Diplomacy and Foreign Minister

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