The Aerican Empire uses two standard forms of coinage: the Solari (ƺ,) and the Mu (ᶆ,). The value of the Solari is linked to that of hydrogen; one Solari is equal in value to one gram of hydrogen gas. One Mu is, in turn, equal to 13.37 Solari, so that pi Mu are equal to forty two Solari. Currently, one Solari is approximately equal to ten United States cents and one Mu is equal to 1.34 United States dollars.

To date, two runs of coins have been produced by the Imperial government.

In November 2009, the Empire issued its first run of metal coinage. These coins were minted from zinc alloy and antique silver plated. Each coin was valued at 42 Solari or pi Mu; one side bore each value. A limited run of 100 coins was minted, eighty of which were bought within days of being made available. Two coins, numbers 1 and 42, were then sold on eBay as collector's items, fetching a price of $30.00 and $15.50 respectively. In January 2012, to celebrate the Empire's 25th anniversary, a second coin was minted. This coin was valued at one Solari, and a limited run of 300 coins was minted.

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