Imperial Information Desk
Issue 224
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 15]
Aerica welcomes His Majesty Namresh the 1st Imperator of Fegeland, Elza Pallo, Ayush Kumar, Lord James, Minister of Defense Raul Salazar III, Catrìona Wall, Lucas Nathan Minato, Muttonchop Buckminster, Kristian Laird, Elijah David Zukowski, Bubba Sims, John Watson, Daniel León Garay, Ferju, Cole Arden Hagglund, Richard Dale Nelson II, Bowswinger, Sir Vader the Great, Ben Dover, Ashish Pandey, Philippe Baert, Ali Hassan Zaib, Leo Kawe, Obi, Daniel Suarez, Maxime Forget, Dimitri Peintureau, Varth Daver, Nichole Fiorentino, Jenny Yan, Ice Kendy, Coby mcdonald, Doctor, Ron, Nikita Cerkasovs, Mirek Tobiáš Hošman, Maxwell Lambie, and Kenny.

New Diplomatic Contact: [August 10]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to the United Royalist Republic of Sam.

Senate Elections: [August 7]
Due to the number of seats currently empty in the Senate, the President has called for interim elections. Nominations for the empty seats opens today and will last for two weeks. To nominate yourself, contact the government or make an announcement over the mailing list. After two weeks have elapsed, all citizens will have the opportunity to vote on all candidates in each Colony with open seats.

The empty seats are as follows:

Holidays and Niftydays:

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