Robots were, perhaps, the very first fantastical technology of the Empire. From the earliest days, Aericans have indulged in the design of robots as a creative exercise as well as an interest in science and technology. Because the early history of Aerica was dominated by simulated war against other microstates, it is the battle robot which to this day has had the most hours dedicated to its continual design and redesign.

The very first Imperial robot was known as the Mark I Warbot; it was crude but effective, and its basic design remains in use today. As the Empire's history turned icreasingly away from wargames, the word Warbot was dropped from the robot's designation, resulting in the first general purpose iteration, the Mark X. Designs have currently exceeded the Mark 50 and new designs are drawn up whenever the mood strikes one of the original designers.

The 3D renderings below were created courtesy of The Gnoll ("not a. The."). Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full size image in a new window.
the mark 1, rough sketch.the same, with some lines on it.

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