In history, few inventions have captured human imagination as much as ships, and this is doubly true for spacecraft of all sorts. Imperial starships are developed, not merely as exercises in creative science, but as artistic endeavours in and of themselves. Over the years, Imperial citizens have developed literally hundreds of starships. These range from plausible versions of the modern Space Shuttle to yachts and cruisers which modern technology is unlikely to reproduce for several millenia. Just a few of these classes of ships include the following.

The Alpha: A half-kilometer long spike of metal, this is the most classical Imperial design, with earliest records of it dating back to the Empire's wargaming in the late 80's. Easy to draw and easy to create rules for, the Alpha is the most ubiquotous ship in the Imperial Navy.

The Scarab: A U-shaped craft designed for a single occupant, the Scarab is the Navy's answer to dogfighting. While large capital vessels can decimate each other with great efficiency, tiny targets with single pilots can navigate more freely and accomplish tasks a larger vessel never could. Non-military applications of the scarab are equally widespread, as single-person crafts are the most commercially viable and useful to civilian daily activity.

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