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The Fifth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest was our "design a medal" contest. Medals may be inspired by "real world" awards (medals of honour, medals of valour) or may be completely ridiculous (medal of most candy penguins able to be stuffed into one's mouth). Winners will be chosen in two categories:

1) Concept Entry: just describe the name and conditions that this medal will be awarded. We are looking for the Silly of course, but also medals and ribbons that commemorate service to the Empire.

2) Design Entry: How will the medal look? The Rules here are that the medal must be able to be homemade at very little to no cost, the idea being the Empire authorizes you to craft and display the medal. If you can make one and take a picture, even better!

Entries will be judged by Emperor Eric Lis and Senators Malcolm Gerhardt and Ravengirl.

Grand prize: should a single medal win in both "concept" and "design" categories, the winner will receive the rare and coveted "Medal-Maker Laureate Medal," an actual physical medal, assuming the winner feels safe providing their postal address. Other prizes to be determined. So once you have a concept for a medal, try building it and vice versa!

Contest ends March 26th, 2010.

The Winner: The Cookie of Honor

"For acts of bakery above and beyond the call of duty the senate should award people the Cookie of Honor. It’s a chocolate-chip cookie mounted on a pin backing."

The runners-up:
The Dexter Douglas Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of Aeronautics
This medal consists of a smiley face (body: silver; eyes and smile: black) with a pair of wings that protrude from the sides. The bottom 1/8 or so of the silver circle is obscured by clouds, also of silver. Printed on or stamped into the silver of the clouds are the words: “Oh, wait, I can’t fly...”
This medal is awarded to citizens who have made clear and useful advances in the field of aeronautics and flight on behalf of the Empire. It might be awarded to a citizen who builds a record-breakingly amazing model plane (that actually flies!) or the first Aerican to become a licensed pilot. It will be one of the highest honours in the Aerican air force, if we ever have one.

The Golden Keyboard
This shiny fourteen-carat gold QWERTY-style keyboard is two inches long and a quarter of an inch wide. It is awarded by the senate to any citizen who publishes a book or short story for pay. It is hoped that this medal will be an incentive for people to write more.

The Little Red Smiling Ribbon
This simple award consists of a smiley face encircled by a shining red ribbon. A pin is affixed to the back to allow it to be placed on an item of clothing. This ribbon is awarded to citizens who accomplish great deeds in the field of Big Bad Wolf research, defense, and neutralization, and is awarded with particular honours if the destruction of a Big Bad Wolf is supplemented with providing healthy, delicious goodies to senior citizens at the same time.

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