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The Sixth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest was our "motivational poster" contest. Posters were allowed to be motivational (inspiring, uplifting and cheering) or demotivational (ironic, depressing, and sarcastic), following the approximate format typical of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motivational_poster, but had to be somehow related to the Empire. The contest ended March 26th, 2011, after which citizens voted on their favourite poster. The winner was offered their choice of an @aericanempire.com email address or their poster printed up on a t-shirt, mouse pad, 20"x16" poster or some other similarly-priced item from the Aerican Empire store. All other participants earned bragging rights and the praise and admiration of their fellow citizens. The Winner:

Every competitor received at least one vote, so people obviously enjoyed what they saw. That said, the poster which received the most votes by a clear margin was number 4, the one featuring Emperor Norton, which was submitted by the Emperor and therefore not eligible to win. After that was a four way tie. So, in the interest of fairness, everybody who competed wins an @aericanempire.com email address! If you submitted a poster, contact us at your convenience to get yours.

Thank you to everyone who participated, both by submitting and by voting.

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