June 2004 Census:

Conducted concurrently with the Culling of the Inactive of 2004, data covers normal statistical information, common cultural ties between citizens, put some polls to the citizens which we'll be acting upon in the coming months, and, typical for the Empire, asked for silly questions for no particular reason. The Census was collected between May 25 and June 30th.

Serious Portion:
Under 15 years old: 0
15-20: 7
21-25: 13
26-30: 1
31-35: 4
36-40: 1
41-45: 3
46-50: 2
Over 50 years old: 0
Average (Mean): 25 (Approximate)

Male: 21
Female: 10
Androgynous/No answer/gag answer: 1

Astral sign and/or birthdate:
Aries: 1
Taurus: 4
Gemini: 8
Cancer: 3
Leo: 4
Virgo: 1
Libra: 1
Scorpio: 2
Saggitarius: 3
Aquarius: 1
Pisces: 3

Declined to answer: 1
Australian: 4
Anglo-Melanau-Iban: 1
Canadian: 2
Caucasian: 12
European: 1
Jewish (Ashkenazy): 1
Native American: 1
Persian: 1
Mixed unspecified: 1
British/Japanese: 1
Canadian, Irish: 1
Celtic/Swedish: 1
Italian, *mumblemumble*: 1
Scotch, Welsh, Hungarian: 1
Scotch,Cherokee,French,Italian: 1

Cultures identified with: American Indian: 1
American (Rural): 1
Ancient Chelsean: 1
Australian: 2
Canadian: 3
Celtic: 1
Gag Answer: 1
Gamer/Gamer: 4
Malaysian: 1
No answer/None: 2
Northeast US (Suburban New Yorker): 1
Northern Plutopians, aka Americans: 1
Persian: 1
Russian: 1
Ukrainian: 1
Southern United States Country Boy.(not to be confused with Redneck): 1
Southern United States (Redneck Woman): 1
American, Western European: 1
North American, Western European: 1
Canadian, Scottish: 1
Irish, Canadian: 1
Australian, Celtic, Aztec: 1
Hong Kong, Japan, England: 1

Macronation of residence:
Australia: 4
Canada: 9
Gag answer/Portion of the Empire/No answer: 7
Iran: 1
Odessa: 1
Malaysia: 1
USA: 8

Atheist/None: 6
Christian (Any): 5
Christian but leaning away from it or pseudo-Christian: 2
Freethinker: 1
Jewish: 2
Pagan (Wiccan, Norse, Discordian, Druidic, etc...): 4
People are Stupid: 1
Self Actualised: 1
Shinto: 1
Silinist/Path of Forsteri: 2
Ukrainian Catholic Evolutionary Creationist: 1
Truthseeker: 1
Unitarian Universalism/Agnostic: 4

Non-Serious Portion:
Favourite tinned meat product?
Potted Tongue: 1
Low sodium Turkey spam: 1
Ewwwwwww/*shudder*/Vegitarian/Don't eat tinned meat/None: 9
Pate: 1
Vienna Sausages: 1
Campbell's Veal Stew: 1
the Chicken is good esp on the trail when you put it on crackers: 1
Tuna/other fish: 8
Spam: 6
Dinty Moore Beef Stew: 1
tinned irish stew: 1

When you say "potatoes, tomatoes", does it rhyme?
Yes: 21
Not in Hebrew: 1
Not completely, since one starts "put" and the other "tum". But after that, yes: 1
No: 6
Who the heck, in their left brain would walk around saying potatoes and tomatoes. I think the more important question is can you spell it right, unlike Dan Quayle: 1
How can one line rhyme? What does it rhyme with? I guess it rhymes with "tomatoes, potatoes"

Favourite recipe for cooking an endangered species?
Place Numbat in pot of boiling water with large rock; Boil for 4 days; Throw out numbat and eat rock: 1
Hunting Grouse with a 88 Chevy Truck and a Blue Porta Potty: 1
Fried: 1
Don't know any/no/.../can't cook: 7
Fried Dodo bird: 1
You mean my children?: 1
Barbeque: 1
I wouldn't eat something that exotic: 1
With mushrooms & onions: 1
Baby Seal Club Sandwich Blue Whale Steak with Koala Chips: 1
Fried with the Colonel's Secret Recipe, then covered in chocolate: 1
Grilled or fried: 2
One would think that buffalo wings would be good, except I hear rumor from Jessica Simpson that they don't have any wings: 1
Black Rhino ribs, cooked on a plank of Spanish cedar, and served with spotted owl gravy: 1
Braised possum: 1
Broiled , anything... as long as it doesnt have hair. I dont eat mamel meat... but I bet a few indangered fish would be great: 1
Clubbed baby seals: 1
Diamond-backed Terrapin: Simmer the meat, liver, and whatever eggs (fully formed or otherwise) may be in the turtle, in sherry until they look cooked. [Interesting fact: diamond-backed terrapin is supposedly the tastiest turtle on the planet]: 1
mmm.....condor eggs: 1
Barbecued Indian Elephant steak, rare: 1
Tasmanian tiger steaks cooked in a george forman grill: 1
In strogonoff: 1
Dolphin Casserole: 1
      * 1 pound Bottlenose dolphin, minced
      * 8 ounces elbow macaroni
      * 4 tablespoons butter
      * 3 tablespoons finely chopped onion
      * 2 tablespoons finely chopped green bell pepper
      * 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
      * 3/4 teaspoon salt or seasoned salt
      * 1/8 teaspoon pepper
      * 1 cup milk
      * 1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
      * 1 can cream of mushroom soup
      * 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
      * buttered soft bread crumbs
Cook macaroni until tender, drain and rinse.
Melt butter in a large saucepan or Dutch oven; add chopped onions and bell pepper and sautÚ over low heat for about 3 minutes. Add flour, salt and pepper; stir until smooth and bubbly. Add milk and mushroom soup and stir over low heat until smooth and thickened. Lightly broun dolphin meat till colour changes. Add cooked macaroni, dolphin, peas and half of the cheese to sauce mixture, stirring constantly. Pour mixture into 2-quart buttered casserole; top with remaining cheese then buttered bread crumbs. Bake at 350░ for 30 to 40 minutes, or until nicely browned.

The person you would most like to smack with a halibut?
No one: 3
This letter is too short to list everyone: 1
GW Bush: 9
My ex fiancÚ: 1
Those heartless individuals at finacial aid
Saddam Hussain: 1
Anyone who has challenged my ability to use a halibut as a lethal weapon: 1
Anyone that believes micronations are silly Unless they are a member of the 'Micronations are silly' micronation: 1
huh? yeah...: 1
Don't know: 2: 1
Anyone who smacks me with one: 1
No comment: 1
Yasser Arafat & My X-Wife: 1
The Idiots of the world: 1
I am afraid that person deserves much more then a halibut smack!: 1
my friend Karen, because she doesn't have a suitable sense of humor when it comes to sarcasm: 1
my ex wife: 1
myself: 1
Bush, Chretian, Ralph Klien
The list is long.......but perhaps John Ashcroft

The person on this planet you would most like to smack YOU with a halibut?
Drew Barrymore: 1
Flipper: 1
Nicole Kidman: 1
The entire student body of Hill Park Secondary School
A little kid, then it wouldn't hurt: 1
Don't know/No Comment/None/Nobody: 10
are you looking at me ???
Anyone who has challenged my ability to use a halibut as a lethal weapon.
Viggo Mortensen
i know i *wouldn't* want it to be one of the unpracticed slobs outside of Aerica. those unwashed masses completely lack style when it comes to halibut-smacking.
my present partner
Nastasia Kinski
Possibly my current boyfriend: 1
Osama Bin Laden: 1
My Friend Nathaniel: 1
my mam
i would prefer not to be smacked, if it's all the same to you
Either of the Hilton sisters
Alicia Silverstone: 1
Stuart Lis

Cultural Information:
Number of citizens who have found these books, movies, or books meaningful or particularly entertaining:
Army of Darkness: 9
Babylon 5: 14
Bible, The: 24
Chronicles of Narnia, The: 5
CCGs and TCGs: 4
Discworld: 14
Dungeons and Dragons: 17
Earthworm Jim: 10
Exploits of Ebenezum/the Ballad of Wuntvor, The: 3
Fantasy Wargaming: 12
Farscape: 11
Good Omens: 8
Heroes Die/Blade of Tyshalle: 2
Historical/Realistic Wargaming: 9
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The: 23
Illuminatus Trilogy, The: 6
Incarnations of Immortality Series: 2
Lord of the Rings, The (Books or Films): 4
Mel Brooks Movies: 24
Monty Python: 30
Neverwhere, American Gods, Sandman, or other Neil Gaiman Novels/Comics: 6
Princess Bride, The (Book or film): 23
Principia Discordia, The: 6
Rifts Role Playing: 2
Simpsons, The: 3
Star Wars (Movies, Novels, or Comics): 29
Star Trek (Shows, Movies, or Books): 27
Stranger in a Strange Land: 7
World of Darkness: 6
Wyrm: 3

Luke Skywalker's theme from Star Wars: A New Hope: 1
Imperial Hokey Pokey: 14
Bananaphone: 1
No: 5
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: 1
Mars, the Bringer of War: 2
Battle Hymn of Forsteri: 1
Other unspecified: 6

Should the Aerican Empire have a national animal?
The Halibut with a Laser Beam on it's Head: 1
The duck-billed platypus: 1
Weasel: 4
Penguin: 15
Separate categories: 10
Human: 2

Should the Aerican Empire have a national food?
Iced Tea: 1
Chocolate Danish: 2
Anything Aerican: 1
Fuzzy Peaches
Halibut: 2
Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1
Yes: 13
No comment: 2
No, we should embrace all foods: 1
Dolphin Casserole!!!: 1
Cathead Biscuits: 1
Cheeze Whiz: 1 Spam: 1

Should the Aerican Empire have a national flower/plant?
Thistleweed: 1
Lilacs: 2
Venus Flytrap/pitcher plant, other carniverous plants: 3
Thyme: 1
Maybe a plant that can be eaten? Dandelions perhaps?: 1
Poison ivy: 1
Hibiscus: 1
No: 2
Red Paint Brush; it's a parasite that sucks the nutriants out of the plants around it but it's so beautiful: 1
Sunflower: 1
Yes unspecified: 15
The Umbrella tree, umbrella acacia, Acacia tortilis - flat-top or umbrella acacia, family Mimosaceae, the most common trees in both Kenya and Tanzania - often thought of as the "Tree of Africa": 1
The Venezulean Coronary Blocker: 1

Should the Aerican Empire have a national pastime?
Being Silly: 2
Gaming/RPGs: 3
Sink (See the Principia Discordia)
How about surfing or blogging?: 1
Aerican Football: 2
halibut smacking: 1
Yes: 15
Watching Paint Dry: 1
Sky diving: 1
I raise Special breed Chickens for mine: 1
Shhhhhhhh......: 1
Baseball/cheerleading/internet surfing: 1
Should the Aerican Empire have a national crisis?
An identity one: 1
Yes: 10
No: 13
Why?: 1
There's one going on at all times!!: 1
Yes -- Halibut Shortage: 1
At lease once a month
Isn't a lack of membership a constant crisis?: 2

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