Autumn 2008 Census:

The Census was organized by the Northern Plutopian Institute of Statistics and was held from the 26th of August until the 1st of October 2008. 36 Citizens of the Aerican Empire participated in the Census. The Northern Plutopian Institute of Statistics thanks you!

Explanation: With every question except the first one, you first see the given answer and then the number of times that this answer was given. If there is no number behind the answer that means that it was only given by one person.

1) Age
Minimum 12
Maximum 51
Average 26,083

2) Gender
Male: 26
Female: 10

3) Macro-Nation
USA: 12
Canada: 6
Australia: 5
UK: 2
New Zealand
Part of the Empire/Silly Answer : 6

4) Mother Language
English: 31
Chinese (Mandarin)

5) Number of Languages Spoken
1 Language: 15
2 Languages: 10
3 Languages: 5
3.001 Languages
4 Languages: 3
5 Languages
6 Languages

6) Foreign Languages Spoken
French: 10
Spanish: 8
English: 4
Italian: 2
German: 3
Hebrew: 1.001

7) Account Checks
Constantly: 6
Same as a, but only during office/set hours: 3
Three or more times a day: 6
Daily: 10
Three or more times a week: 6
Once a week: 3
Once in a while: 2

8) Length of Citizenship
Less than 1 year: 12
1 to 5 years: 12
5 to 10 years: 7
Since its beginnings: 3
527 days, as of September 1st 2008, although the record might be a few days less due to processing. Yeah something significant happened on that day

9) Handedness
Left-handed: 6
Right-handed: 26
Ambidextrous: 4

10) How did you find out about the Empire?
Wikipedia: 8
A friend: 5
Surfing for micronations: 4
Newspaper: 3
Random surfing: 3 Article: 2
Sudden flash of inspiration
Procrastinator's Aid Website
The Empire Website
Book had micronations in it, internet, found most of the bigger micronations
I cant remember but I think it was about the same time as Yahoo bought out my Rocketmail email account

11) Current Status
Student: 18
Working: 14
Looking for work: 2
Domestic duties/Housekeeper: 2

12) Operating System used
XP: 26
Vista: 3
Mac OS X Leopard: 2
Linux: 2
Windows 98
XP. I'd like to use Mac but I don't have a goatee
Mac OS X 10.5.5, Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows XP (yes, I use all three)

13) Method of Transport
Public: 12
Car: 15
Bicycle: 1
Walking: 7

14) Have you met a citizen in real life?
No: 29
Yes: 7

15) What do you like about the Empire?
Silliness: 3
The friendly community atmosphere on the group pages and the humour involved in certain positions within the empire. I also enjoy some of the debates on the group pages about the role of the senate
The silliness - its like living in a Monty Python scriptwriters meeting
It allows me to slowly work towards world domination while also making friends all over the world.
The people and the opportunities to do and see things most people will never do or see.
It makes me laugh regularly. And that's something I respect and appreciate enormously.
It's funny, fun, and fantastic!
I like the conversations and the interaction
It doesn't require me to pay taxes
I like having email to check. I like the silliness. I like the sense of community.
The community spirit and the fact that Aerica really could care less whether they get international recognition.
It's a great place for people to talk about things: silly or otherwise.
It's fun
I like that we are a diverse group of individuals who love to have a good time.
It is the epitome of one man's imagination
It's Different
The people, the discussions, and the looks on people's faces when I try to explain it to them
It is a break from the norm and a chance to at least be heard. Even if it is something silly.
Its silliness and freedom, and that Eric is the Emperor
The freedom to choose my country
The free and easy exchange of ideas
The Empire's openness and welcoming nature, its Sillinistic approach to life
I enjoy the camaraderie, and the politics
Silliness and Absurdity
I found your lack of knowledge about that disturbing
It's a community, and the e-mails amuse me.
It gives me opportunities to be silly and also contribute opinions without any real consequence
Almost everything! Maybe the most important thing could be the warmth of its people

16) What could be improved about the Empire?
The leadership needs to work on being a bit less lazy and a bit more proactive.
The constitution is kinda fuzzy.
The Empire is fine. The rest of the world could benefit from some changes.
Non-one-liner replies
Hmm... how about a secret handshake?
Some sort of annual or bi-annual international festival!
I don't know if I've been around long enough to determine anything
More activities, more participation
Citizen oversight of the Senate, Constitution should be expanded to about 10 times its length, and the Pasture needs to better define it's borders
More talk!
Better sites for individual colonies
Give citizens diplomatic immunity!
The only thing that comes to mind is the look of our flag ( only because my wife says it's too much like walmart's smiley, and I am very anti-walmart)
Remove the Politics and let it get back to its roots of Silliness
I think it was a mistake to withdraw so much from international politics and we should get back into it, but we won't
I think the empire needs an official organizer. We seam to be a little slap dash here of late. Might just be growing pains
More publicity and less judgment from others?
More penguins
The contact / email system… so much mail!
A forum or message board on which we could communicate, rather than the mailing list
Its silliness and absurdity
The website could use some work ii
I could probably bother reading all the emails.
Promoting the culture of legislation and promote the Empire between more people.

17) Are you willing to participate in the Empire’s government?
Yes: 18
No: 7
Yes, but no time: 1
Already do: 10

18) Favorite movie genres
Sci-Fi: 15
Comedy: 14
Horror: 10
Fantasy: 9
Action: 4
Romance: 2
Army Stories
English Drama
Submarine movies
Baseball movies

19) Favorite book genres
Fantasy: 20
Sci-Fi: 11
Comedy: 7
History: 6
Horror: 4
Crime: 2
Romance: 2
Scientific: 2
Young Adult: 2
Poetry: 2
Alternate History
Army Stories
Good ones

20) Your Spirituality in three words or less
Agnostic: 3
Atheist: 2
Roman Catholic: 2
Christian: 2
Agnostic Celtic
Sillinist and Discordian
Non-Protestant Anglican
Agnostic, occasionally Silinist
Peaceful atheist
Converted marginal Silinist
Buddhist Agnostic
Pagan/christian hybrid
Shinto Pastafarian
Jedi Knight
Norse Christian
Silinist neo-Hobbesian
Pantheist, Non-Christian, Unitarian
Sillinist; aspirant Jewish
Shinto animism
Protestant Christian
Right-leaning Christian
Atheist, Christian, Buddhist
Agnostic, that's openminded

21) Do your doors have Knobs or Handles?
Knobs: 18
Handles: 7
Both: 10

22) Are you a sock-sock-shoe-shoe or a sock-shoe-sock-shoe person?
Sock-sock-shoe-shoe: 18
Sock-shoe-sock-shoe: 3
I'm a where the hell as my sock gone, oh there it is under the cat type of person.
Sock, shoe, shoe, bugger forgot the sock, shoe off, sock, bugger, just put the sock over the shoe, sock off, sock shoe - bugger, broke my shoe lace,shoe off, shoe off,
search for different shoes, shoe shoe.
I consider myself a sockdology kind of guy.
Either, unless the right coffee dosage hasn't been ingested and then it's sometimes shoe shoe sock sock
Sxxx-sxxx-sxxx-sxxx person
It depends… I'm usually sock-sock-shoe-shoe, but the situation may arise that it needs to be the other way… changing rooms in a swimming pool for example… then it all
gets confusing with the balancing and the dressing and the holding shut of doors.
Sock sock shoe. Yes. Sock sock shoe.
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, although assuming it means 'order of putting on', socks first, since I tend to wear them all day.
I'm more of a sock-shoe-shoe-sock person. It's complicated.

23: What do you usually have for breakfast?
Cereal: 5
Coffee: 4
What breakfast?: 2
Tea, toast and telly tubbies.
Fighter pilots breakfast - cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a look around
A glass of juice, a piece of toast, and a glass of milk, almost invariably.
Yogurt before my first class starts, and eggs/potatoes/muffin/fruit after
Oatmeal of various flavours
Today, a banana! Tomorrow, the world!
V-8, banana, and chips
Oatmeal, yogurt, occasional breakfast burrito
Anything not requiring cooking
the little bit of toothpaste that I swallow when brushing my teeth
Breakfast food
Eggs, bacon, toast and juice
Bread heated up with electric
Slice of Cheese and a mouth full of coke
either soup or soft or boiled eggs on toast
Have not had breakfast since I was 12. I guess it would be some kinda meat.
Toast and tea, white, one sugar.
Rarely anything, if so, a go-gurt
Hopefully bagels, with a massive amount of cream cheese, any variety but berry with a raisin bagel.
Eggs, sausages, cereal, French bread or a typical meal eaten here in Mexico called "quesadilla" that is a "tortilla" with cheese, similar to a "taco".

24) Toilet paper
Fold: 14
Scrunch: 11
What do you think?
Both and neither - use old newspaper
Roll around all four fingers
Neither, I usually pull off a very long series of pieces and wipe, wipe, wipe. Yep.

25) What is your favourite living thing?
Me: 4
My family: 3
My husband: 2
Wolves: 2
Stephen Fry
My Daughters
Sleeping babies
My cat Bella
The coffee plant
Rusakov Particles
Oscar (my dog)
Blue cheese
Grand Children
Define living and define thing
My sister Sarah, she's well awesome.
Reign and Kota
Peeeps in the microwave
My fiancée

26) What is the most unusual thing you have eaten?
Kangaroo testicles during time spent in Australia for a reality TV program
Barbecued locust.
Any of my dinners gone wrong.
Conch fritter
My pride
Vegetarian kosher - how unusual can that be?
Raw egg
Fried testicles
Bananas. No, I'm serious
venison (deer) heart
Reindeer ragout
Raw salmon
1000 year old duck eggs
Knights in white satin
Ground Hog is the most unusual to me, but.. many folks think Crawdads are pretty strange
Too many, tea with gummy bears and smarties in it maybe
Either squid or dandelion leaves
We're not going there…
Bugs (you know, the living kind of bugs)
dog food
I've never eaten anything - wait, grass. Or paper. Or threads from clothing. One of those.
A worm.

27) Why?
Why not?: 7
Because: 4
Because I said so: 3
Because some men named Ant and Dec told me to
Because I could
Because if I don't, who will?
Just 'cause
For the challenge of it!
Because I can!
Because your mom said so
I was told it was lamb
They're weird. They're a fruit, but they are unlike any other fruit in the world.
At the time, I thought it was a good idea.
It looked good
Color and consistency
Now you're sounding like my wife...
Because I couldn't help myself.
Don't try and fight the machine, silly. That's dangerous talk.

28) Define the Universe in five words
More than five miles wide.
Big. Really Big. No, I mean really amazingly huge.
A Bastard, but try anyway
Infinite, Starry, Swirled, Dimensional, Random
A big place with things
A Work In Progress
Five word answer for a six word question?
I never heard of that universe. Is it different from the one in six words?
Thick, Vast, Chaotic, Brilliant, Porous
Too big to comprehend now
Big, scary, dark, endless, immense
Geodesic manifold containing dimensional micro-objects
It all started with a...
Aliens have to live somewhere
No beginning within a volcano
The answer is 42...
Too good to be true
A fine place to live
I don't know anymore
Entire Existence in One Place
'And it hurt no one'
Just read Douglas Adams
It exists and it's big
Family, Cubs, Hoosier basketball, notnecessarilyinthatorder.
Big, cold, dark, stars, planets, junk
A cossial mass of shit.
Big, cold, pointless, empty, annoying.
I should definitely own it.
An excuse to have fun.

29) What dinosaur would you be?
Velociraptor: 3
A living one: 2
Triceratops: 2
A big one, which ate fish and looked a little bit like Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger
A megagrumpyarse
Oh, I'm all about having plates of bone stick out of my back and four upright spikes on my tail
A diloposaurus!
None, they never existed
Probably one of the first to die out
Ichthyosaurs, averaged 2 to 4 meters , with a porpoise-like head and a long, toothed snout. Built for speed, like modern tuna
I don't wanna be a dinosaur
One that saw the Cubs win a World Series...
Those big ones, with the very very long necks (kinda like obese giraffes)
I dunno, I'm still trying to figure it out. :(
A thesaurus…wait, that's not a dinosaur? But it was in that Arthur episode...
A flying one

30) Who is someone you would love to hit with a halibut?
George W. Bush: 2
His Royal Majesty King Michael I: 2
I would cook the halibut in a nice wine sauce and send it to the Princess Anne
My ex-wife
If they survive, the Dm of my D&D game. If they don't survive, the list is too long to write here.
My Mother-in-law.
John McCain
Take a number and queue
My ex-roommate, but not for the reasons you think
Britney Spears
A few of my coworker.
Any member of the Bilderberg Group
A random person
Some right-wing politicians in my country
My dad
My Boss
George Bush or anyone who tries to force there religion or religious views on others
I love everyone, come on
Sarah Palin
Tom Jones
George bush sr. for letting his son be such an idiot
The LOKO chairman
Hmmm... if their life depended on it...
No-one you'd know.
Fred Phelps, repeatedly, with a baseball bat painted like a halibut.
What is a halibut?!
Too numerous to mention. Mostly includes government officials, door knocking religious people and yappy little fashion accessory dogs (those things that are about rat size and never shut up)

31) Jeans - left leg first, or right leg?
Left: 8
Right: 8
Both: 4
don't wear jeans: 2
I suspend the jeans with some rope then lower both legs into the jeans at exactly the same time.
Depends which side of bed I get out of - and whose bed it is. And whose jeans they are . . . .
First the front, then the back
Right, then dog attacks the left, then fight the dog off the left, then left leg.
Sober-right, Drunk-both

32) Coats - left arm first, right arm first, or both together?
Left: 14
Right: 10
Both: 4
I don't wear coats they offend me.
Depends how hard it is raining. And whose coat it is. . . . .
Both sides of my coat of arms are equally important

33) Eating soup - describe the dipping motion of your spoon into the soup bowl.
The spoon dives into the soup at high speed. The metal spoon will heat up on entry causing the soup to evaporate, leaving a very burnt spoon.
Down, through, scoop, up slurrrrrpppppppppppppp
Towards the back?
Slurp . . . ahhhh . . .
I create a perfect parabolic motion.
I lower the spoon slowly, watching the yellow broth (or red, or brown, depending on the type of soup. But most frequently yellow) fill the spoon from the far edge. Never from the tip; always the edge. I let the spoon float for a moment, while a trickle of liquid makes it heavier and heavier until it plunges to the bottom, then, as though lifting a sunken shipwreck, I bring it to the surface and the open air.
Mainly a scooping motion, scooping towards myself in a downward motion
Who uses a spoon?
Schlerp! Blop.
Plunge in causing severe splashing
The spoon makes a circle away from me into the bowl, rests on the edge of the bowl to catch drips then circles back to my mouth, then down to the bowl again...
Dip spoon into soup, turn it so the open part faces down, lift the now-coated-in-soup spoon up and into the mouth. Repeat for at least 2 hours
Don't eat soup
why do you want to know? (;
At an angle, deep down to get the good stuff
Like a tornado
To the bottom of the bowl
Side scrape, Dive, Bottom , Scoop, up(scraping side) mouth
I wrote a big complicated math formula last time that was like Y= sin(x^2 - 34x), but this time I'm too lazy so lets just say it goes air-soup-air
Left hand dips spoons from the left edge
I lower the spoon so it's level with the soup and slowly push it in, till all the soup rushes over the sides of the spoon all at once.
Stab, and lift
It's not so much a dip, but a submersion
Tip first, submersing of the spoon, leveling, and then a vertical movement up
I put the spoon into the bowl. I'd assume it's a straight line.
Hmm…front tip first, followed by an unnecessarily elaborate scooping motion.
You can be sure that that soup will come into my mouth .

34) Eating pizza - with utensils, or without? What part first?
Without utensils, tip first: 12
Without: 3
With utensils, tip first: 2
I hire a Chinese warrior to come and cut the pizza with a sword, which he calls Peter for some reason.
With, usually eating the toppings and then the bread
Chopsticks. Just for the challenge of it.
Depends on the temperature of the pizza - if its scalding then utensils are needed. Once cooled, then I eat it traditionally, middle-to-crust
Hands only. Seriously who eats pizza with utensils…actually there was that documentary with the Chinese family eating pizza with chopsticks…..
The tip is the beginning, the crust is the end.
Without utensils, from the tip to the crust, then the crust left-to-right
Without, crust first
With utensils, outside in
Without and side first from tip to edge ( kinda like corn)
Cut it into slices with scissors then eat from the middle to the crust. Repeat as necessary.
With utensils for cutting, first part will be the part 23° right from me
Without! Front then back then middle.

35) Pepsi, coke, or absolutely something else?
Coke: 4
Dr Pepper: 3
Red Bull: 2
Mountain Dew: 2
Pepsi, Coke, 7up mixed with gin and the salvia of a walrus.
Iced tea
Anything rather than cola
Raw sewage
Coke before Pepsi, But prefer Dr. Pepper
Coke, but I drink mostly coffee
Black Cherry Soda
Mezzo Mix
Non-alcoholic Water
I do not drink stuff with bubbles
Anything that's not sugary and not bubbly
Diet decaf coke
Demon energy - killa cola
Coke (ya gotta love a good Root Beer, though.)
POPP, any kind
RC is excellent. Vanilla coke tops it all.

36) Favourite hot beverage
Coffee: 11
Tea: 9
Hot chocolate: 5
Tea mixed with molten cheese
Chai tea with milk and two sugars
I prefer cold, thank you very much
Bambi burger
Coffee, 2 sugars, dash of milk, some chocolate powder and a shot of dark rum
Hot chocolate with fudge

37) Favourite item beginning with the letter K
Kittens: 4
Kitchen: 2
Kanga- an African garment mainly worn by women in Eastern Africa. I used it to hide myself while escaping the Nazi's in Kenya during a family holiday.
Kwisatz Haderach
Klotz kashes
Kombat! Is that an item?
Keyboard(musical, not computer)
Key, the one for my boat
Potassium, it is Vitamin K…
Ice kream
I'll pass on this for a while.
Kaka (dutch for poo)
Ketchup: 2
King Crimson CDs

38) What do you ideally and realistically want for Christmas this year?
A sign with my name on it so I can seem important.
The love of my daughters - and to see their faces when they unwrap their presents under the tree.
A Miskatonic University alumnus pin
To be surprised? Same as every year.
A bike
No presents and just Christmas dinner for everyone.
Ideally: A heavy, metal weighted companion cube paperweight, if they existed. Realistically: Scrapbooking supplies
Gift certificates
My child self would kill me for this, but probably some clothes.
That's a rather personal question
My own penguin death squad
A new laptop, definitely NOT preloaded with Vista
A film show
I do not celebrate Christmas but if I were to want something… Hmmmm I would like Ideally a table saw. Realistically I would like some pruning shears
Socks and World peace
A new Dell laptop
Money, so I can save up for a car or a flat.
An end to world hunger. Screw world peace. Hunger is where it's at
Ideally…a Nikon. Realistically…a catcher's mit.
An iPhone 3G :)
Couch, gameboy games
Ideally: An electric guitar. Realistically: 50 dollars.
A Jacket

39) What is your current opinion of penguins?
I used to believe penguins would take over the world after watching a Batman film where Danny DeVito played Penguin. That opinion has nowchanged after having a long conversation with Danny at the Cannes Film Festival last year. I now belive penguins are just animals that eat fish and walk like right idiots. Thank you Danny DeVito.
Cute little buggers - all dressed up just to go skiing.
I think very highly of them but still wouldn't want one in my house unless it was plush or divine.
Still make me think of Morgan Freeman
A fine species, if imperfect
Loved penguins before Eric was born
Hey, I heard Philip Seymour Hoffman might play the Penguin in the next Batman movie! How awesome is that!
Being our fist line of defense from outside forces/invaders, they are my friends!
The ones at the zoo are really cute
I want one so I can train it up as a vicious guard animal and to go after door to door salesmen and religious door knockers. (For some reason they only come around when I get in the shower and they never take me not coming to the door as a hint. They know I'm in there and they just keep knocking.)
I think they can fly, they're only faking
New national animal of the Islas Malvinas
Fairy penguins are so cute!
Best aquatic flightless birds ever!
They are penguins
Penguins can be helpful at times, especially when dealing with mindless scrubs... lol
They are very arrogant
I believe they are clever creatures but rather pretentious to be dressed in a tux all the time.
Squeeshee! I miss him/it.
Mmmmm, penguins
They're planning something… maybe everything.
Megalomaniacal, but not communist, or evil. Also, fluffy
They're outstanding! …in the cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One can never have enough of one of those!
I'd rate them a 9/10
That they need to have a form of philosophical thinking, and write a book about it, but in order to do that, they must first develop both more advanced brains and opposable thumbs.

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