In June 2012, coincident with that year's Culling of the Inactive, the Aerican Empire distributed a census to all citizens. After the Culling, the population was 181 people; of these, 141 individuals agreed to complete the census. One of those was deleted as the responses were obviously non-sensical. A total of 140 individuals were therefore included in the census, making this the single largest set of data ever collected from a micronational population to that date.

The questionnaire consisted of 15 questions. All questions were voluntary and could be leftBlank. All questions also included a specific option which read, "I Decline: to answer this question."

Results are presented below, by question. After some options, a percentage is displayed in backets; this indicates what percentage of respondents chose this option and generally indicates what the most "popular" choices were.




Level of Education:

Employment Status:

Do you consider yourself...

Please Specify:

Sexual Orientation:

Are you married:

Do you have children:

Do you play videogames (such as World of Warcraft):

Do you play role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons):

Do you vote in local (non-Aerican) politics :

Have you ever competed in (non-Aerican) politics :

Are you a member of more than one micronation :

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