Section 1 Powers
The Royal Family of Aerica shall have no official powers, and shall be considered a "figurehead Family"

Section 2 Members
Subsection 1
The Royal Family shall consist of;
1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Prince, 1 Princess and 1 Court Wizard.
Subsection 2
The Royal Family has the right to appoint a Royal Court of their choosing.

Section 3 Terms of Office
Subsection 1
The members of the Royal Family are to be elected by the people of Aerica.
Subsection 2
The members of the Royal Family are elected for life.

Section 4 Abdication/removal of member
Subsection 1 Abdication
Any Member of the Royal Family may abdicate their throne by simply transmitting a letter or e-mail to the Aerican mailing list at Yahoo Groups or succeeding service, stating that they no longer will or are able to hold their position.
Subsection 2 Forcible Removal from Office
The Senate holds the right to remove a member of the Royal Family from office for the following reasons;
Treason, Being Culled, Loss of Citizenship, Acting in a manner detrimental to the good of the Nation or conviction of High Crimes.
The Senate will follow the same procedures as for removal of the Emperor.

Section 5 Prohibited Acts
The members of the Royal Family are prohibited from the following;
1 Holding office in another micronation
2 Being a member of a Royal Family of any other micronation.
3 Using their office for personal gain.
4 Misrepresenting themselves as having official powers in Aerica.

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