Friendship and Cooperation Agreement


WHEREAS Aerican Empire and Free Community of Pasargadaare in their best interests to pursue closer diplomaticrelations between their Peoples;

WHEREAS it is the foreign policy of Pasargada to seekfor peaceful and friendly contacts with all othermicronations, endorsing true Spirit of Micronationalism;

WHEREAS the establishment of such relations betweenthe Free Community of Pasargada and the Aerican Empirewould be of high benefit to both nations;


Free Community of Pasargada and Aerican Empire,respectively represented by their legal legates, HisExcellency Chancellor Igor Ravasco and His ExcellencyTristan Glark, Head of the Diplomacy and ForeignMinistry of the Aerican Empire, as the result ofnegociations and discussions that took place in the cityof Port-Vila from May 29 and June 1, of the Year 2001,

DECIDE to sign and ratify the present Agreement ofMutual Cooperation:

Preliminary Disposition

Free Community of Pasargada and Aerican Empirerecognize themselves mutually and for all purposes asentities of International Public Law and belonging tothe international community. The signatary Nations shallrespect sovereignity of both micronations and theirrespective governments.

General Dispositions

(1) About the governments

Aerican Empire and Free Community of Pasargadarecognize supreme authority of their "SovereignGovernments" against external or internal agressions ofall kind.

The concept "Sovereign Government" is defined as thatlegally established according to the Constitution andthe Law of the respective nation.

(2) About diplomatic missions

Aerican Empire and Free Community of Pasargada willestablish an embassy in the other Nation's territory. Theembassies will represent and act in the name of thedesignating Nation for the best purposes of diplomaticrelations.

The Ambassador will be designated according to therules of his original Nation. Nevertheless, theambassadors shall be from the nacionality of the Nationthat they represent.

The Nation that receives the ambassador will have theright to require the exchange of received ambassador foranother diplomat, in any moment since designation andwithout the other Nation consentment or motiveexplanation. If the received ambassador is not changedin this conditions in 14 (fourteen) days, the Nation isauthorized to expell him.

Tha ambassadors and other diplomats of any diplomaticmission in foreign territory will be free of taxationand will have criminal immunity. The designateddiplomats will not be arrested, suspended or intimidatedin any circumstances.

(4) Cultural, Diplomatic and Commercial Cooperation

Free Community of Pasargada and Aerican Empire willcompromise themselves to cooperate mutually in thefields of education, commerce, diplomacy or any othercivilian matter of reciprocal interest.

(5) Extradiction

Signatary states agree to recognize extradictionbetween their two countries, according to proper nationallegislation.

DONE, this June 1st, 2001.


Igor Franco Ravasco Moreira Maia
Free Community of Pasárgada

Tristan Glark,
Head of the Diplomacy and Foreign Ministry of theAerican Empire, Governor of Mars Colony;

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