Full diplomatic relations:

As there are many micronational bodies existing at any time, with more being created as time passes, it is vital that a strong system of recognition or refusal be established by any nation. In light of this, the Aerican Empire hereby endorses these rules regarding its diplomatic contacts.

Any nation may be allowed to approach the Empire, and to make its case before the Empire. All nations shall receive a fair hearing by Imperial officials. To be fully recognized, nations must meet the following criteria:

The following list is a compilation of the conditions upon which a nation may be rejected:

Conditional Diplomatic Relations:

Nations which meet all criteria above except for achieving six months of activity will be granted Conditional Recognition. This is exactly the same as full recognition save that in case of priority, the Conditionally Recognized nation will be given lower priority.

At the end of six months after independence, the nation may request that the Empire upgrade relations to full diplomatic relations. If the nation still meets all above criteria, full recognition will be granted.

Review of applicants:

The review of a nation will be carried out by careful study of all information presented by their nation, as well as a study of their web-site. Should an applicant nation be judged for some reason as being unsuitable for recognition, they will be approached and given a chance to make their case in their own defense.

Aerica will not discriminate by government, economic policy, religion or any other factor as long as that nation holds basic human rights.

Conflicts between the criteria and recognized nations:
If a nation is listed as recognized by the Empire but either does not fulfill the requirements of recognition, or violates the conditions upon which recognition will immediately be denied, then the likely answer is that they were accepted before the clause in question was accepted as part of the diplomatic policy. New additions to the policy are not made retroactive, and only apply to nations who apply for recognition after the law is passed.

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