As hate and fear are basic components in the human psyche,
As in the history of Humankind, there has been war almost incessantly,
As combat must be prepared for if a nation is to survive,
Then Aerica hereby establishes these laws as the War Act:
It is the goal of the Aerican Empire to avoid conflict. War can and must be avoided, if possible.
In the event of an ally of the Empire being pulled into war, Aerica shall offer to be a neutral arbitrator in this conflict.
Aerica shall investigate all conflicts to the best of its abilities, and not take sides until the situation has been judged.
In the event of Aerica being forced to enter into a war, it shall fight defensively if possible, to defend its land.
Under Wartime Conditions, Martial law is enforced on any area within the conflict, and the Emperor takes direct control with the help of the military.
Any other nation beginning a war with an ally of Aerica will be treated as a potential threat.
Aerica will not begin a conflict with another nation. It will only end the conflict.

This document is set forth as law, by the Emperor of the Aerican Empire, by the Senate of the Aerican Empire, in accordance with all laws and statues put forth by said Empire.

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