The Aerican Army is one half of the Empire's military force. Dedicated to land-based warfare, the army consists of troops trained for planet-based activities. While a very few times, the army has been forced to conduct actual physical activity, the bulk of its activities historically have consisted of wargames and simulations, and in modern times, the army itself is largely ceremonial. Standing forces of the Army are made up primarily of wargaming figurines, drawn in particular from the Games Workshop game, Warhammer 40K. The Empire maintains two forces, one composed of Space Marines and one composed of Necrons. Both have seen active service in Imperial wargames and have worn Imperial colours proudly to victory.

The Imperial Space Marines are divided into three units. The primary unit are the Empire's Finest, draped in the colours of the Imperial flag. The secondary force, the Crustulum Mortis, have supplemented them on numerous occasions. Thirdly and fielded only rarely and in the direst of situations are the Killer Penguins, inspired by the mythical Killer Penguin Death Squads which spread fear and horror at the times of Cullings of the Inactive. All three forces are stationed at various sites worldwide and at short notice can bring to bear 750 points worth of Imperial strength.

The Imperial Necrons are a larger and more diverse force. Fully assembled, Imperial Necrons are able to field well over five thousand points worth of miniatures divided across multiple detachments. Painted in the colours of the Imperial flag, much the same as the Empire's Finest above, these Necrons have instilled the fear of the Empire in the hearts of many.

Finally, the Empire has a modest collection of others figures suitable for fielding alongside these forces. Foremost among these are the most famed of all Imperial regiments, the Killer Penguin Death Squads. Team Frog "Critter Commandos" on Warhammer 40K-size bases are used to allow the Killer Penguin Death Squad to supplement either Marines or Necrons, as needed.

Aerican Picture Gallery, Military Section

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