Following the Culling of the Innactive of 2002, the following citizens were removed from the Empire.


esteban2000_us at
cometz12 at
if_ics at
amritakuruvilla at
csiwacky at
christiansheaven at


dolphin_from_cold at
MHenriques at
zcaamir at
(address removed by request)
sylvia_pence at
cavalary1684 at
rhinoskaros at
dinoldr at
cwhite24 at
tsham2001 at
honey_50603 at
darth_maul_1_4 at
flariadallian at
tanar34 at
coolparth at
mistassin at
Beowulf323 at
solitoes at
shrek21 at
sjw2000_uk at
raju22i at
zcaamir at
ludovic_dufresne at
kjnpw at
jsalazar at
chikago4377 at
boomshack2000 at
arkh4 at
hebert at
oostek06 at
KingofNewAustralia at
Eman8900 at
almorey at
imtiaz27pk at
taaliya_99 at
foruaroy at
richard at
stephensmith86 at


saiyan_empress at
sneaker at
Princess90123 at
nilkin67 at
lamburginy at
k170a at
lennyiinet at
ojaba at
donhill at

Northern Plutopia

your_request_cannot_be_processed at
kingrat at
m.a.d.max at
brad_petrik at
boomshack2000 at
richardcumming1 at
lobjanidze2000 at
AuroraMarie at
00rsutton at


sherlyn1969 at
quest_555 at
machina420 at
oggie_sunset at
fuzzy_ferret_foo at
cyblade3 at
noirin_plunkett at
stagenazi at
takarra at
dafyd_jones at
dj_loz at
marckicks_ass at
seraph2001 at
Bigfishhead99 at
patey_smiling at
seventhdreamer at

The Pasture

rattesp at
the_sweetest_sara at
pheonix2004 at
bunny2254 at
riddlerjim at
cowpiper at
suntzuprodigy at


malkavian_crazy at
fbukhari55 at
king_henry_viiica at
jgirl00 at
waffle at
starstormofthegalaxywhorls at
Brenrat2 at
evancccc at
commykazi at
astro_g at
imtiaz27pk at

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