If someone chooses to join the Aerican Empire, they are expected to fill in certain forms with certain information. In addition, Doteasy automatically collects certain user information through cookies, such as browser used and referring site, to set up statistics for the site owners.

The Aerican Empire does collect all personal information provided by a citizen upon completion of the forms, and reserves the right to retain this information for as long as an individual remains a citizen. This information is kept for reference purposes and is only accessible by the Emperor and staff at the Aerican Embassy to Everything Else. No information is ever sold, leased, given, supplied, or in any way revealed by the Aerican Empire. The only exception to this is e-mail address, which may be posted on the webpage or appear on the website of the mailing list, but will still never be given to any sort of advertiser or list.

If you get spam, it's not our fault.

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