The history of Aerica begins in Montreal, Canada, in the year 1987. A young boy bordering on Normalcy hit upon the idea to create a city. He, as a then uncreative 5 year old, came up with the name Aerica ("America" with no "m", because it sounded like "Eric."). Within a year, as Eric grew sillier and sillier, Aerica grew. By 1990 Aerica was an empire to match the Star Trek Federation of Planets. And much sillier. Since then, Aerican technology, culture, relations and power have continued to grow, while removing many of the less realistic elements to make the Empire as close as possible to a true nation.

Prior to 1999, history was recorded haphazardly in the Empire, and so while this page is a valid timeline, it does not contain to-the-day accuracy in the recording of early events in the Empire. After 1999, when an official Aerican news service was founded, it became more feasible to create a long-term record of events on a month-by-month basis, and so accuracy in the history increases. For much the same reason, it is after 1999 that individual diplomatic events stop being listed as "historical" events and instead are listed with less ceremony but greater accuracy in the News archives.

We wish to emphasize that all events here are real, and actually happened in what people reading this consider reality. It may seem made up, but it is all true. Events are listed vaguely in chronological order. Not all events have dates listed; this is a basic timeline of Imperial history and not an exhaustive analysis.

Early History:
This period of Imperial history is defined by numerous small wars which took place. The young age of the individuals involved explains much of this time. This period is notable, though, because of the obvious importance which it was in shaping later history.


Early Micronational Era
This period in Imperial history is defined by the initial, tentative steps onto the Internet and into a wider role. Many mistakes were made, but by and large, this was a period of tremendous growth and maturation for the Empire.


Rise of the Empire
The modern era, this time is defined by the Empire being a large, stable, and populous nation with a rich culture and a proud people. This period is marked by the Empire's early news coverage and the beginning of recognition beyond the micronational world.


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Hasn't there been any history since then?

Of course. The Empire is still growing and thriving to this day. However, very few events necessitate being added to this history page. For a more complete record of activity within the Empire, investigate the mailing list and news page, which will allow you to trace the Empire's history back as far as you could possibly want and to a level of detail most find impenetrable and agonizing.

The Imperial history continues today...

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