A mission statement is generally defined as an outline of the fundamental purposes of an organization. It describes the role or purpose which an organization seeks to fulfill. It is meant to sum up, simply and meaningfully, the past, present, and future of an organization, outlining where it came from, what it is doing now, and what its goals for the future are. At its most basic level, a mission statement is meant to answer one question: what is the purpose of this organization's existence? In practice, because mission statements tend only to be adopted by large, bureaucratic, and stagnant organizations, mission statements usually represent the ultimate in order and generally non-silly behaviour; a mission statement takes a group's ephemeral and dynamic sense of purpose and codifies it into a concrete, static, and usually very dry single phrase. The Aerican mission statement is therefore an expression of the Empire's purpose. It is used ironically, based on the four criteria for which it was chosen:

1) It has to sound like it's saying something but really be meaningless
2) It has to be appropriately megalomaniacal or otherwise influenced by our collective delusions of grandeur.
3) It must imply that the universe as a whole is wrong and we are right.
4) "It needs to just sound cool, dammit!"
Source: speech by the Emperor on Aerica Day, 2004

The Mission Statement of the Aerican Empire is:
The Empire exists to facilitate the evolution of a society wherein the Empire itself is no longer necessary.

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