The symbols of the Empire are many and varied. These symbols include the national flag and the Imperial seal. In addition, each colony is represented by its own distinct flag. All images displayed here may be reproduced freely elsewhere provided they are accompanied by proper attribution and a link back.

The Aerican flag is among the most distinctive and recognizable in the world. With its bright red bars over a white background and a smiling face in the center, the Aerican flag conveys the Empire's vastness while retaining its sense of humour. For official government purposes, a particularly extravagant and ceremonial version, seen to the left, is often used. For most common purposes, a simplified version, seen to the right, is used.

The official coat of arms of Aerica is a red and yellow striped shield on a white background, with a smiling face embeded in the central yellow. The motto beneath reads "Mundi est ridiculum; Custodiunt illud quod modo," which loosely translates as, "it's a silly old world; let's keep it that way."

The official seal of Aerica is a white background with a yellow smiley face, with the letter A in the top left and the letter E in the bottom right.

Each colony of Aerica stands united behind the flag of the Empire, but as each has its own unique culture, so too does each have its own flag.
The flag of Chompsville combines the colour brown, representing strength, with purple, the colour of royalty. The Imperial smiley face sits proudly in the middle, and a single chomp is taken out of the side.
The flag of Earth consists of a simple reproduction of the map of the world.
The flag of Mars is a modification of the Aerican flag, with smiley yellow on the edges, Imperial red in the center, and the planet Mars as a smiley in the center.
The flag of Microvia represents the counties of England which bound it to the North and South, with the winking smilet face, rumoured to be the symbol of the Aerican Imperial Intelligence Service, in the middle.
The flag of Northern Plutopia depicts the Northern half of the planet Pluto rising majestically across the black background of space.
The flag of Parrwater shows the seal of the Empire over horizontal white and blue bars, with the coat of arms of the colony in the center.
The flag of Psyche shows the continent of Australia smiling out from the green of a thriving landscape.
The flag of Retsaot Island depicts an island of green in a sea of blue, with one of the colony's infamous man-eating orange power plugs dominating the center.
The flag of The Pasture is a variation of the national flag, with a smiley patterend after the colony's iconic cows filling the center white space.
The flag of Verden is a simple design in the colours of that picturesque and entirely fictional world, with the colony's stylized V in the corner.
The flag of Yackbard is a variation of the national flag, with a wide blue stripe representing the North River, a thin blue stripe representing Yackbard Creek, and an empty space representing the colony's famous invisible penguin.

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