Following the Culling of the Innactive of 2005, the following citizens were removed from the Empire.

goodways0 at Brain
deathtrooper2k at Mania
tsilya at Alexey Tseryabin
ramzisfeir at Ramzi Sfeir
tonsil2 at Aemigo Eve
javierescudero75 at Francisco Javier Ortega Escudero
joseph_anthony_marzullo at Joseph Anthony Marzullo
alannadsm at Alanna
sylverwynde at Kassandra MacOnnach
spence5000 at Spence
oscallejas1 at Oscar
magnatic at Mike Magnatic
u181648 at Fred Smith
eugenetooms at Crazy Ivan McCain
dragon_kitty_lover at Aurora
thebrettmeister at Coxy
bugalho at Bruno, Minister of Culture
fuzzydyse at Jack Frost
i_nuttall at Pogo Mushroom

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